About rainforests
Rainforest animals
Rainforest people
Why are rainforests important?
Why are rainforests disappearing?
How can we save rainforests?

In the rainforest

My interest in wildlife and tropical rainforests began at an early age when my parents introduced me to nature books and magazines. I was fascinated by the pictures of strange animals living in distant lands and as I got older, my mother and father encouraged my learning by taking me on trips to other countries so I could see wildlife firsthand. I grew to greatly appreciate places of natural beauty and respect the environment around me. more

About rainforests
- What are rainforests?
- Where are rainforests found?
- What makes a rainforest?
- What is the canopy?
- The forest floor

Rainforest animals
- Why do rainforests have so many plants and animals?
- Mammals
- Birds
- Reptiles & Amphibians
- Insects

Rainforest people
- Who lives in the rainforest?
- Great rainforest civilizations
- Medicinal plants and native people
- What happened to the people of the Amazon?
- Kids in the rainforest

Why are rainforests important?
- Why are rainforests important?
- Climate
- Home to wildlife
- Water cycle
- Erosion control

Why are rainforests disappearing?
- Why are rainforests disappearing?
- Logging
- Agriculture
- Cattle
- Roads
- Poverty

How can we save rainforests?
- How can we save rainforests?
- Education
- Rehabilitation
- Sustainable development
- Parks
- Eco-friendly companies
- Ecotourism
- What you can do

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