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Sportive lemur in Madagascar

My experiences in Madagascar

I recently traveled to Madagascar, one of the world's most important countries for wildlife. Madagascar is an island (the fourth largest island in the world) located off the east coast Africa in the Indian ocean.

Madagascar is famous for its lemurs. Lemurs are primates found only on Madagascar. There are many different kinds of lemurs from the mouse lemurs that fit in the palm of your hand to the 20-pound indri lemur that sings like a whale.

Madagascar also has a number of other plants and animals (tenrecs, chameleons, leaf-tailed geckos, tiny leaf chameleons, and more) found nowhere else in the world.

The purpose of my trip to Madagascar was to visit protected areas like rainforests, photograph wildlife, and meet local people involved with environmental issues. Because Madagascar is an incredibly poor country, helping local people earn a living is an important part of saving wildlife and rainforests in the country.

More pictures of Madagascar

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