Pădurile tropicale

Alina-Crenguţa DUMITRU - Translator for Romanian Language

As a child, I dreamed to be a Naturalist. But in those times, in Romania, there was no future for such a profession. My only hope, if I wanted to work in this field, was to become a biology teacher, which was not so appealing for me at that time.

As I grew older, circumstances changed and my interests also. I became a child psychologist, or better said, a psychopedagogist; working with children with special needs and education. And I noticed that, in this field, the best teacher is nature itself, plants, animals and everything around us.

In 1998, I collaborated with Zone Studio Romania, a company which translates the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet broadcasts for Romania. Finally, my love for nature was fulfilled, ironic in some way, taking into account the fact that I live in Bucharest; a city with more than 3 million inhabitants.

More than 10 years later, I still translate and enjoy broadcasts that bring nature into our homes and I am still involved in educational programmes for children and their educators. Being invited to translate Mongabay’s kids site was a real honor and I enjoyed doing it; for me it is a way to continue doing that which I love.

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